How to avoid duplicate content!

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Duplicate content is content that appears on the Internet in more than one website. So if you have content that is the same on multiple websites, then you have duplicate content, please read the below.

When duplicate content is present website owners can suffer a drop in their rankings as simple the crawler doesn’t know which website url it needs to choose, and so since it needs to select one, it selects the most appropriate one.

What causes duplicate content issues?

In most majority of cases, website owners don’t intentionally create duplicate content. In fact by some estimates, up to 29% of the web is actually duplicate content!  See below at some of the most common ways duplicate content is unintentionally created.

1. URL variations 

URL parameters, such as click tracking and some analytics code, can cause duplicate content issues. This can be a problem caused not only by the parameters themselves, but also the order in which those parameters appear in the URL itself.

For example: is a duplicate of

is a duplicate of

2. HTTP vs. HTTPS or WWW vs. non-WWW pages

If your site is accesible at botth www ( and non www ( or http vs https, then all the pages and posts will be duplicate content.

How to fix duplicate content issues

Fixing duplicate content issues all comes down to specifying which of the duplicates is the “correct” one.  Whenever content on a site can be found at multiple URLs, it should be canonicalized for search engines. To do this: Using a 301 redirect to the correct URL, the rel=canonical attribute.

To deal with duplicate content it is best to use the rel=canonical attribute. This tells search engines that a given page should be treated as though it were a copy of a specified URL, so that means that all metrics and ranking power will be granted to the specified url.


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